Space Science+ Aerospace

Photek develop space and aerospace qualified detectors and imagers working with Global System Aerospace and Defence Integrators to solve their specific detection and imaging needs.

We have also developed imaging detectors for a number of space missions including:

ACE        Advanced Composition Explorer

XMM     UV Optical Monitor

MSX       UVISI Detector

GUVI     Global Ultraviolet Imager

SSUSI    Special Sensor Ultra-violet Spectrographic  Imager

UVIT      Ultra-Violet Imaging Telescope

ICON     Ionospheric Connection Explorer

CEOIST   Centre for EO Instrumentation & Space Tech

Key Applications

  • Ultraviolet Astronomy
    Including: UV Spectroscopy, UV Imaging
  • Remote Sensing
    Including: Atmospheric LIDAR, UV Spectroscopy, UV Imaging, Electron/Ion Detection.               
  • Planetary Exploration
    Including: LIDAR, LIBS, Raman Spectroscopy.
  • Threat Warning/Detection
    Including: Missile Warning Systems, Missile Approach Warning Systems. 
  • CBRNE Threat Detection
    Including: UV Raman Spectroscopy, Neutron Detection and Imaging, Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy. 
  • Long Range Surveillance
    Including: LADAR, UV Raman.

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