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Photek continues to see significant growth

With a successful 2016 behind them, Photek continues to expand in all areas of their production and test facilities.

As Photek continues to grow, it recently acquired a new facility and has since moved some departments out of its main factory units in order to create additional production space. This newly acquired building has been refurbished and is now home to its Sales, Marketing, Finance and Admin departments.

In the main factory, Photek recently purchased two new ultra-high vacuum processing chambers in order to increase its vacuum tube capacity by 25%. There have also been purchases of a new E306 coating plant for thin metal film deposition, new Vacuum ovens, a new thermal cycling chamber to increase the reliability testing capability, and equipment for putting ALD deposition layers onto a range of substrates. Photek has also recruited additional production and test staff, increasing its work force by 25% in the past 6 months.

Photek is also bringing on line a capability to join intricate circuitry using ACF film bonding equipment. This will be operational in early 2017.

Photek has also invested heavily in the past few months in infrastructure, upgrading the main factory with new rest rooms, office refurbishments, air conditioning and new clean room filtration units.

Andy Farlow, Operations manager at Photek commented, "Over the last six months, Photek has switched over to a cell manufacturing methodology in production and this has led to more focussed workforce and better team work which has contributed to Photek achieving the higher volumes required by the business and in making 2016 our best year yet!"

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