Gating Modules

Photek's range of photocathode gates units can be used with our image intensifiers and PMTs as ultra fast electronic shutters. This technique is useful when the detector is used in high brightness situations or when capturing very fast moving objects. The gate unit operates by turning the photocathode on and off to 3 ns with a 300 KHz repetition rate (model dependant). For UHV detectors our GM-MCP gate module enables direct gating of the MCP to 8 ns. This is particularly useful when time slicing of electrons and ions is required.

Standard Product

This list constitutes the standard product range from Photek. To talk further about these products or the custom design of a gate module for your application then please contact us

Photek Part No.
50 ns, 10 KHz repetition gate unit
3 ns, 300 KHz repetition rate gate unit
8 ns, 300 KHz repetition rate universal gate unit.
8 ns, 1 KHz repetition rate MCP gate unit
8 ns, 1 KHz repetition rate MCP 1 kV gate unit
Gate controller, minimum pulse width 3 ns with 250 ps increments