Streak Tubes

Streak tubes are used for the study of ultra fast optical phenomena and specifically measure the variation in light intensity as a function of time. Installed in some of the world's best streak cameras the Photek streak tubes are proven in performance and reliability. Photek offers five streak tubes for different applications; Photochron 2, Photochron 5, ST-HDR, ST-X and ST-Y. With a range of cathode options for use in the UV, visible and NIR spectrums the Photek streak tubes are ideal for streak and high repetition rate framing cameras.


  • Timing resolution to 400 fs
  • 8 mm, 20 mm & 35 mm photocathode size available
  • Synchroscan and framing options available
  • UV, Solar Blind, Visible and NIR responses
  • Can be supplied with a mu-metal shield for high magnetic field environments


  • Streak cameras
  • Framing cameras
  • FLIM
  • Fusion research
  • Optical oscilloscope

Standard Product

This list constitutes the standard product range from Photek. To talk further about these products or the custom design of a streak tubefor your application then please contact us

Photek Part No.
35 mm Streak Tube
20 mm Streak Tube
35 mm Streak Tube
Photochron 2
8 mm Streak Tube
Photochron 5
8 mm Streak Tube
Streak Tube Technical Note
ST-Y and ST-X Technical Note