Photek is a specialist manufacturer and global supplier of vacuum based tubes and camera systems for photon detection.

We manufacture Image Intensifiers, Solar Blind Detectors, Photomultipliers, Streak Tubes and a range of associated electronics and Camera Systems.

We have a comprehensive range of products for most photon detection applications and work with our customers to design bespoke solutions where these are required.

Photek has particular expertise in the design and manufacture of large area image intensifiers, ultra-fast photomultiplier tubes (PMTs), UV detectors and advanced photon counting camera systems.

Photek products support specialist applications in; Physics (high energy, particle, nuclear), defence industries (threat warning) , physical chemistry, bioluminescence, space science, material and biological inspection.

Please contact us to discuss your application in depth with our team of specialist engineers and scientists.

Sub-μs time resolution in wide-field time-correlated single photon counting microscopy obtained from the photon event phosphor decay

A Photek 40 mm diameter dual proximity-focused, three-MCP image intensifier was used to show how an image intensifier's phosphor afterglow can be exploited for accurate timing of photon arrival well below camera exposure … For more information and the paper click here.

BHSFG Students' skills put to the test with Engineering Education Scheme (EES)

Photek are pleased to be supporting the Engineering Education Scheme (EES).
A team of Year 12 students from Burgess Hill School for Girls has been working with engineers from Photek on a project aimed at creating an ultra-violet (UV) spectrometer … For more information click here.