The precision and flexibility to match our customers specifications

As a world leading photon detector manufacturer, we have the flexibility to match our customers specifications and have the experience and knowledge to produce bespoke detectors and systems to the most stringent requirements. We offer a comprehensive product range that can be tailored for both small and large OEM requirements, including: Image Intensifiers, Solar Blind Detectors, Photomultipliers, Streak Tubes and a range of associated electronics and Camera Systems.

Quality systems are in place to ensure repeatability of manufacture and we are accredited to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. We operate a strict stock control and inspection policy, with all items batch controlled and tracked with each device having a serial number that is used throughout the entire manufacturing process. Our test and support facilities give first class support for the lifetime of our detectors.

The timeline for OEM product development is very much customer and application dependent, from two weeks for a “standard” product with a known specification, to longer term development projects, for example Space Science, where development could take anywhere from one to three years. Typically, the development cycle would be around 3 to 6 months. The initial phase of contact is working through the application to define the product need and to develop and agree the performance and technical specifications, before moving onto the manufacturing stage. We build long-lasting relationships with our customers by working so closely together. Our expertise across physics, material science and electronics help support the increasingly demanding application needs of our customers.

We offer a high degree of specialisation with particular expertise in large area and high-speed detectors, with particular strength in UV blue cathodes. We build long term relationships with our customers at a high level of technical competence.

The High Energy Physics community continue to push the boundaries of detector technology in terms of temporal resolution, count-rate, lifetime and sensitivity. Added to this is the software challenge of integrating large amounts of data in real-time. All areas where Photek continue to develop new solutions with our customers.

We can tailor specifications across a number of product parameters including, but not limited to:

  • Active area size.
  • Photocathode preference
  • MCP configuration
  • Phosphor selection
  • Anode choice
  • Gating options down to fast gating of 2 ns

We have always explored and reacted to the application needs of our customers and are happy to explore new opportunities as they arise.

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