The HRPCS photon counting camera systems are unique as they provide the ability to capture and integrate an image in real time.

These systems are ideal for extremely low photon emission applications such as bio-luminescence, chemi-luminescence and weak fluorescence.
The ability to accurately analyse transient events is a key feature of this product.


Based on a true single photon counting sensor that uniquely provides simultaneous position and timing information for each detected photon.

The IPD6 is perfect for continuous imaging of processes with very low light levels over wide fields. Highly customisable it offers multiple options of image plane formats, high sensitivity photocathodes and accessories that can be combined into complete turn-key systems.

The ultra-fast iCMOS 160 represents the latest advance in high speed intensified imaging.

It’s market leading speed of 160 frames per second at full resolution, coupled with optional ultra-fast gating, enables higher sensitivity measurements in a wide range of time resolved applications, including plasma physics, fluorescence lifetime imaging and combustion diagnostics.



N-Cam represents the latest neutron imaging technology with superior sensitivity and easy to use software

A novel intensified neutron camera system with the Gadox layer directly applied to the image intensifier, N-Cam provides greater sensitivity and excellent spatial resolution simultaneously, producing faster integration times and outstanding signal-to-noise.



Velocity Map Imaging (VMI) is a powerful experimental technique used in laser physics and physical chemistry research.

VMI provides details on velocity, angular distribution and mass of charged particles, offering more complete information than many standard ion imaging and spectrometry techniques.

Visit our dedicated Velocitas VMI site for unique solutions for your research.

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