Photek Auratek-PCS Demonstration – Photonics West 2022

Posted on January 13, 2022

Meet Photek at the Photonics West booth #2067 to talk to our sales team and see the AuraTek – PCS system in action!

Our colleague Tom Conneely will give a presentation and demonstration on the 26th of January 2:30 PM Photonics West Demo Area 1 (Hall ABC)


AuraTek PCS


Time-resolved single photon imaging and detection
Thomas Conneely – Senior R&D System Scientist

Demonstration of Photek’s time-resolved camera system: imaging fluorescent decay samples whilst determining the nanosecond scale lifetime for each pix Assigned Demonstration Time: Wednesday, January 26, 2022 2:30 PM
Location: Demo Area 1 (Hall ABC) and booth # 2067.

We will demonstrate the multi-event capability, imaging potential and time accuracy of the detector by measuring the fluorescence decay of different sample liquids simultaneously. For example, Extra Virgin Olive Oil which contains high concentrations of the fluorophore Chlorophyll, has a very fast fluorescent decay around 1 ns. The setup is designed as in Figure1.

Figure 1. Experimental setup

Our experiment will illuminate the fluorescent samples with Photek’s LPG-405, a 40 ps fast laser pulse at 405 nm wavelength to excite the fluorescent state, which will then decay emitting a photon of a different wavelength.  The Auratek-PCS will detect the fluorescent photons, encoding their position and timestamping them. Hence, we will be able to simultaneously measure the lifetime characteristics of each sample.



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