SPIE UV Photocathodes for space detectors

Posted on July 18, 2022


Presentation Mr Paul Hink – UV Photocathodes for space detectors

18 July 2022 • 17:30 – 19:00 EDT | Room 516



We present test results of next generation high QE photocathodes appropriate for use in a wide range of FUV and DUV astronomy and remote sensing. A newly developed opaque CsI photocathode deposited on microchannel plates and sealed into vacuum photodetectors with a Magnesium Fluoride input window demonstrates QE of > 16% @ 130 nm. An optimized transmission mode solar blind (SB) alkali-telluride photocathode demonstrates 29% peak QE and 1E3 suppression of NUV and visible light, a significant improvement over previous alkali-telluride photocathodes. Finally, we present data from a new high QE S20 alkali-antimonide photocathode with > 40% QE at 254 nm, suitable for instruments requiring wideband DUV through VIS coverage. Improvements in collection efficiency of vacuum photodetector MCPs from 60% to 90% will also be presented, providing a further 50% boost to detective QE.


Paul Hink

Photek USA LLC (United States)

Paul Hink is VP of Business Development and Strategy of Tibidabo Scientific Industries (USA), Inc, which includes Photek Ltd, a UK based company that manufactures vacuum-based image intensifiers, photomultipliers, and streak tubes.

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